FAQ & Troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the fastest backup destination method?

Fastest backup destination will be either Local storage (provided that it's on a separate device), or remote SSH destination (provided that the bandwidth is very high and fast).

For best performance, it is also recommended to exclude files/folders, and disable backup for suspended accounts.

Does JetBackup provide backup storage?

JetBackup is a backup management software that allows you to choose your own backup destination storage. It does not however provide or come with its own storage space. Click on Destinations Overview for a list of all supported desinations.


Characters to Avoid when naming Files and Folders

While JetBackup supports almost any characters for filenames (UTF-8), there are special characters/symbols that are generally best avoided as there are specific limitations across various filesystems and storage destinations which can cause unintended issues with your backups.

This list is not exhaustive and is meant to help determine and avoid errors regarding filenames and your backups.

# pound % percent & ampersand { left curly bracket
} right curly bracket \ back slash < left angle bracket > right angle bracket
* asterisk ? question mark / forward slash blank spaces
$ dollar sign ! exclamation point ' single quotes " double quotes
: colon @ at sign + plus sign ` backtick
| pipe = equal sign    

How To Secure Backup Storage

Prior to adding a destination to JetBackup, we advise securing the backup directory, so that only the allowed users can access that folder.

In order to do that, please connect to the destination via console/GUI, and make the directory in which you want to store your backups.
For example:
mkdir [-p] /mnt/backup_vol/jetbackup

Then we advise securing that destination so only one user can access it's content (except root)

useradd <jetbackup>
chown jetbackup:jetbackup /mnt/backup_vol/jetbackup
chmod 700 /mnt/backup_vol/jetbackup

Right now, only users root and jetbackup can access this directory.

Please search online, how to secure a backup folder for your particular file system (EXT, NTFS, FAT, etc..) on your system (Windows, Linux, macOS, BSD, etc..)

For more information, and a good start point please visit File System Permissions

Now, when adding that destination in JetBackup GUI, the specified Backup Directory should be the directory you have just created and secured: ie /mnt/backup_vol/jetbackup

Can I use NFS for backup storage?

Yes, you may use NFS v3 or v4.1 mounted on a directory in your server and configure it as a Local destination.
Please note that custom NFS/Mount configurations can cause issues with JetBackup. Due to the many custom NFS/mount configurations available, we only provide support for NFS v3 or v4.1 mounted with default options.

NOTE: JetBackup utilizes rsync when backing up to an NFS destination. Ensure your version of NFS has full support for rsync.