Disaster Recovery

Recover from Disaster

JetBackup has the ability to restore from a disaster by storing our JetBackup internal database to your preferred destination.

Important information!

  • JetBackup will backup it's internal DB only when "Export JB config Mode" is enabled on your backup destination. In order to do so, click on "Export JB Config" on your preferred Destination. Keep your DR destination details to be able to restore from DR. The JB config backup will be executed every night and will keep a max of 7 latest snapshots.
  • Please make sure to keep your Master Encryption Key in a secure remote location.

Performing a Disaster Recovery will restore the JetBackup Configuration that was backed up as well as give the option to restore all the accounts that have backups located on the configured destinations. If for any reason you cannot perform a full Disaster Recovery, you can still restore your accounts manually from the destinations by following these instructions: How to perform Disaster Recovery without Master Encryption Key?

With an entire data loss, your first step will be to install JetBackup on a supported platform that meets our requirements(see Installation).
After Installation, you will be asked if you want to restore from a Disaster, continue with existing data or start with a fresh install on the Initial Screen.

Choose "Recover from Disaster" to continue with disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery Recover

First, we will need to restore our JetBackup internal database, so we will have all the needed information about your accounts.

Specify the destination details where you have Export JB Config enabled on your previous installation so we can pull that information -

Disaster Recovery Destination

Choose the database backup (JetBackup settings) that you want to restore from (usually you will want the latest backup that was created).

Disaster Recovery JB Config

As our database is encrypted, you will need to specify the Master Encryption Key from your previous installation/server.

Disaster Recovery JB Config Key

(Optional) You can set "Delete orphan backups older than" option to "Disabled" in your JetBackup Settings to prevent orphan backups from being untentionally removed.

Now we are ready to start restoring your accounts! Simply choose the accounts to restore through the Account Restore Filters and hit the "Finish & login to panel" to continue to your JetBackup Admin Panel while accounts are being restored in the background.

Disaster Recovery Restore

Your accounts are now in the accounts restoration queue and may take some time to complete while the selected accounts are being restored. You can always visit the queue again to check the status.

Post Disaster Recovery Checks

Re-Enable Export JB Config - Don't forget to re-enable "Export JB Config" on your preferred destinations! By default, all destinations will have the Export JB Config setting disabled post Disaster Recovery. You will need to re-enable them under Destination Settings.

Re-Enable Backup Jobs - Don't forget to re-enable your backup jobs! By default, backup jobs that are imported from your JB Config will be disabled. You will need to re-enable them under Backup Jobs.