In the Alerts section, you can view all alerts generated from JetBackup processes.


Alert Types

  • Information Alerts - Minor alerts that does not affect any JetBackup processes. Includes alerts about started + completed backup jobs, reindex, download, and restore processes and plugin updates.
  • Warning Alerts - Major alerts that might affect JetBackup processes. Includes alerts about Partially Completed backup jobs, reindex, download and restore processes. This could also include other warnings such as your trial license is about to expire, unable to connect to repositories, an account restore was aborted intentionally, etc.
  • Critical Alerts - Major alerts that will affect JetBackup features. You will be notified when backup jobs, restore, downloads, or reindex processes has failed/aborted/never finished, the backup job hasn't run for a few days. Additionally, an expired license/trial license and unable to validate license will be considered a critical alert.

Send Logs

Shows if an alert notification was sent successfully to your Notification(s) Plugin or not and shows the error that caused the failure.

Days to keep alerts

Under General Settings, you have the option to specify how long you would like to keep Alerts in JetBackup. JetBackup automatically deletes the alert(s) once it reaches the specified number of Days.