Welcome to JetBackup's documentation!

JetBackup is a leading backup solution for the web hosting industry and is considered cPanel's Preferred Server Backup Solution.

JetBackup allows you to create:

  • Unlimited backup jobs.
  • Multiple custom schedules and filters.
  • Unlimited destinations.

Hosting providers are equipped with:

  • Full RESTful API.
  • Custom hook points for every major function within JetBackup.
Making it easy to integrate with their existing systems.
End users are provided with a friendly GUI giving them the self-service backup and restore functionality they need while at the same time reducing the support load on the hosting provider.

JetBackup Management Console allows you to:

  • Manage all your servers’ backups from one user-friendly interface.
  • Centralized alerts and server logs provide you with the health of your backup system in seconds.

Our proprietary job optimizer will automatically schedule your backup jobs to run within the backup window you provide. JetBackupMC will also install and provision JetBackup on new servers right from within the interface.

JetBackup WHMCS module helps you monetize JetBackup by letting you:

  • Create flexible pricing models to fit the needs of your backup services.
  • Connect backup jobs to your WHMCS billing system to automatically activate or terminate your client's backup service.
  • Charge your clients based on their average backup size or the sum of all backups.
  • Receive backup job issue notifications and alert clients through the WHMCS ticketing system.
  • Review real time financial reports associated with your backup services right from your JetBackup WHMCS module dashboard.