JETAPI Documentation


JetBackup API accesses the JetBackup interface's features.
You can use this API to perform all the tasks you perform from the JetBackup GUI and more,
With JetBackup API you can create destinations, jobs, and manage settings etc.

API Token

API keys/tokens allow you to log in to the server without the need for a password. You can use an API key/token to authenticate with JetBackup's remote API. Visit API keys/tokens for more details on how to retrieve it on supported platforms.

Basic usage

NOTE: Non-alphanumeric characters except _ need to be replaced with its url-encoded counterpart %XX. Example: the parameter "key=123+abc" will need to be written as "key=123%2Babc".

The term "Boolean" in our documentation refers to parameters that accept values of 1 or 0.
We don't support the literal values of true and false.

For more information about jetapi basic usage click on JetBackup API Parameters

API Response

On each function page, you will find details for the response data.
All the API call returns this object:


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
success Boolean Whether the API call was successful.    
message String Success/failure message.   You already have a download for this backup.
data Object The returned data.    
system Object System information.