PanelAPI calls use the panelAPI primary function along with the call parameter. These API calls only apply to Linux (Panelless).

API Access Tokens


This function will list all access tokens on the server.


This function will get the Access Token details by Token ID.


This function allows you to create/modify an API Access Token.


This function allows you to delete an Access Token by ID.



This function will generate a one-time login URL for the specified user.

Parameter Dictionary

Token Object

Parameter name Type Description Possible Values Examples
_id String The Token ID.   61d49d24857d996e6e4e5912
created String The date/time the token was created.   2022-01-04T19:16:52+00:00
last_access String The date/time the token was last accessed.   2021-12-31T18:06:51+00:00
expiry String The expiration date set for the token.    
description String The description for the token for your internal use.   My Access Token
token String The API Access Token for authenticating remote API calls.   Y27fBG91Mjq9rOooVTrcEB68ykksDirF
ip Integer The IP the access token can be used from.   ip=
username String The account the access token can be used for. Can be root.   account123