This function lets you Queue Backup Items for download. For the complete parameters available for this API call, please click HERE.


This function prints the objects data given its Download ID.


This function lists all Download Objects.


This function allows you to modify the notes on Download Objects.

Parameter Dictionary

Download Object

Download Object
Parameter name Type Description Examples
_id String Unique ID of the Download Object. 60835efa26762d5a3134394e
path String Name of the download file. download_1622232335_73898.tar.gz
full_path String The full path where the download file is stored on the server. /usr/local/jetapps/usr/jetbackup5/downloads/download_1622232335_73898.tar.gz
size Integer The total size of the download file in bytes. 349034
notes String Notes for the download  
backup_type Integer The Backup Type contained in the download file.
  • 1: Accounts Backup
  • 2: Directory Backup
  • 3: JB Config Backup
account String Name of the backup download owner. user
account_name String Name of the backup download owner. user
account_id String Unique ID of the backup download owner. 6009c86db68d1601154a76ff
items List [] List of backup items contained within the download file.
  • _id: The backup item ID.
  • name: The owner of the backup item.
  • created: The date the backup item was downloaded.
  • backup_type: The Backup Job type.
  • backup_contains: The Backup Item type.