Once you open JetBackup 5, you will be greeted with the JetBackup interface and dashboard. The dashboard shows an overview of statistics, alerts and recent activities of JetBackup on your server.


JetBackup Admin Panel interface sections:

  1. Navigation Sidebar
  2. Statistics
  3. General Information
  • For instructions on installing JetBackup, please visit our Installation guide.
  • For first time users, check out our Getting Started guide to help you set up JetBackup.


Get an overview of JetBackup's usage statistics.

New Alerts

The total number of JetBackup alerts within the last 24 hours.

Total Accounts

The total number of accounts on the server.

Total Jobs

The total number of backup jobs.

Total Backups

The total number of backups generated.

Total Accounts Usage

The amount of disk usage for all accounts on the server.

Jobs Running

The number of jobs currently running on the server.

General Information

Get an overview of the most recent activities and additional information regarding JetBackup on your server.

Recent Alerts

3 most recent alerts on the server.

Restore Queue Summary

A status overview off all queued restore tasks.

Latest Queue

List of queued items on your server (5 per page)

Destinations List

List of destinations on your server (5 per page)

Backup Jobs List

List of backup jobs on your server (5 per page)

Clone Jobs List

List of clone jobs on your server (5 per page)