This function lets you manage the account's JetBackup settings.


This function returns account settings and information by account ID.


This function returns list of all accounts.


This function returns list of all tags.


This functions reassigns the account given the Assignable ID.


This function returns the list of Assignable IDs for a given username.


This function allows you to manually create a backup to the destination assigned in Backup on Demand settings.


This function allows you to set Account Specific Exclude Lists for All/Specific Backup Jobs.


This function returns the Account Specific Exclude Lists.


This function returns a list of User or Reseller Packages on the Panel.


This function allows you to delete all snapshots from the specified user.

Parameter Dictionary

Account Object

Account Object
Parameter name Type Description Examples
_id String ID of the account. 5fb4a0fa08994c637c6ada5b
UUID String Unique ID used for "Reassigning Accounts" 5d2c807e4e878add6c32b6f3f57af220dd1713bf
username String REQUIRED The username of the account. user
domain String Domain assigned to the account.
owner String Name of the owner of the account. root/admin/RESELLER
owner_id String Unique ID given to the owner. 5fb471c95159b9583c1cb913
homedir String Absolute path to account public_html. /home/acctname
ip String IP given to the account.
package String Name of the package assigned to account. default
packages List [] All packages owned by the account.  
root Boolean True if account is root. 1
reseller Boolean True if account is a reseller. 1
suspended Boolean True if account is suspended. 1
login_only Boolean True if acount is login_only. 1
active Boolean True if account is active. 1
email String The email used to notify the user after each user-initiated processes.  
backup_quota Boolean Whether backup quota is enabled on the specified account.  
max_snapshots Integer The maximum snapshots allowed to create for the specified account.  
tags List [] List of all tags assigned to account.  
backup_type Integer Backup type used for Backup on Demand. 0
encryption_key_type Integer Type used for the encryption backups. 0
privacy Boolean    
queue_priority String The ID of the queue priority to assign to the specified account.  
last_active String Date of when account was last active.  
secret_key String Secret Key is used for unlocking encrypted backups.  
assignable_accounts List [] List of IDs for reassignable accounts.  
quota List [] List of information regarding disk_total, disk_usage, disk_free, and inode_usage.