This function allows you to create/modify the Permissions Object of a specified user. (Default: Manage Global Permissions)


This function returns the Permissions Object of the specific user selected. (Default: Return Global Permissions)


This function resets the permissions of a specific user. (Default: Reset Global Permissions)


This function lists all permission settings of the current logged in user.

Parameter Dictionary

Permissions Object

Permission Index
Has All Privileges 0
Can Manage Accounts 1
Can Restore Backups 2
Can Download Backups 3
Can Manage Full Backups 4
Can Manage File Backups 5
Can Manage Cron Job Backups 6
Can Manage Email Account Backups 7
Can Manage Database Backups 8
Can Manage SSL Certificate Backups 9
Can Manage DNS Zone Backups 10
Can Manage Configuration Backups 11
Can Manage Backup Jobs 12
Can Manage Destinations 13
Can Manage Hooks 14
Can Manage Permissions 15
Can View Logs 16
Can Manage Logs 17
Can View Alerts 18
Can Manage Directory Backups 19
Can Manage FTP Account Backups 20

Possible Values

Permission Value Integer Value
No 0
Yes 1
Inherit 2