This function returns a list of installed Plugins.


This function returns a list of available Plugin packages from Repositories.


This function returns a list of available Repositories.


This function lets you manage Repositories.


This function deletes Repositories.


This function returns the Plugin details.


This function lets you manage and enable Plugins.


This function allows you to install a Plugin given its package id or zip file.


This function allows you to uninstall the Plugin given it's Plugin ID.


This function manually updates an installed plugin.


This function returns a list of compressed plugin files that are downloaded and available to install.


This function enables or disables the Imunify360 Security Plugin. If no data is passed to the manageSecurityPlugin API call, the plugin is disabled.

Parameter Dictionary

Plugin Object

Plugin Object
Parameter name Type Description Examples
_id String ID of the Plugin. 60903b9f6913fc54281a01
code String Short name for the Plugin. S3
name String The name of the Plugin. S3 Compatible
description String Description of the Plugin. Generic S3 compatible destination
icon String Icon data. N/A
type String Type of Plugin security, notification
version Integer Plugin release version. 1.0.0
author String Author of the Plugin JetApps
experimental Boolean True if plugin is experimental. 1
repo string Repository ID 608b1c707cf97c14601472e2
repo_name String Repository Name JetApps Repository
package_md5sum String md5 checksum for the plugin package. 88cccac198f703042502797781b
package_url String Package Zip File
created String Date-Time the Plugin was fetched from the Repo. 2021-05-07T18:40:48+00:00
plugin List [] A list of corresponding data associated with an installed Plugin Ojbect.
  • _id (string)
  • code (string)
  • name (string)
  • description (string)
  • version (integer)
  • type (string)
  • author (string)
  • permissions (integer)
  • experimental (boolean)
  • repo (string)
  • options (List [])
  • repo_name (string)
  • disabled (boolean)
  • visible (boolean)
  • available_package (string)
plugin_id String ID of the Plugin in JetBackup. 60903b9f6913fc54281a01f2
installed Boolean True if plugin is installed. 1
installable Boolean True if plugin can be installed. 1
disabled Boolean True if plugin is disabled. 0
options List [] Array of Plugin options or settings. N/A
available_package Boolean True if plugin is disabled. 0

Notification Integration Object Options

Notification Integration Object Options
More information on installing a Notification Integration
Option Name Description Plugin(s) Examples
recipients Email addresses that the notifications will be sent to Email options[recipients],
smtp Select the Email Server (Local PHP Mailer/SMTP). Email
  • options[smtp]=0: Local PHP Mailer
  • options[smtp]=1: SMTP
smtp_from Reply-to email address. [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email options[smtp_from]
smtp_host SMTP email server hostname. [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email options[smtp_host]
smtp_port SMTP email server port. [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email options[smtp_port]=25
smtp_username SMTP username. [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email options[smtp_username]
smtp_password SMTP password. [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email options[smtp_password]=examplePass
smtp_secure SMTP encryption protocol (None/SSL/TLS). [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email
  • options[smtp_secure]=
  • options[smtp_secure]=ssl
  • options[smtp_secure]=tls
smtp_verifyssl SSL verification on SMTP connection (Yes/No). [Required for SMTP Encryption Protocol SSL/TLS] Email
  • options[smtp_verifyssl]=0: Yes
  • options[smtp_verifyssl]=1: No
smtp_timeout Authentication connection timeout in seconds. [Required for SMTP Email Server] Email options[smtp_timeout]=15
teams_id Group ID. Microsoft Teams options[teams_id]=1a2b3c4d-78e9-123d-abc135def123
client_id Client ID. Microsoft Teams options[client_id]=1a2b3c4d-78e9-123d-abc135def123
client_secret Client secret Microsoft Teams options[client_secret]=1a2b3c4d-78e9-123d-abc135def123
tenant_id Tenand ID Microsoft Teams options[tenant_id]=1a2b3c4d-78e9-123d-abc135def123
authorization_code Authorization code Microsoft Teams options[authorization_code]=OAAABAAAAiL9Kn2Z27UubvWFPbm0gLWQJVzCTE9UkP3pSx1aXxUjq3n8b2JRLk4OxVXr
channel_name Name of channel to receive notifications on. Microsoft Teams options[channel_name]=JetBackup
channel_selection Select channel by Channel Name/Channel ID Slack
  • options[channel_selection]=0: Channel Name
  • options[channel_selection]=1: Channel ID
channel_id ID of Channel to receive notifications. Slack options[channel_id]=ABC123DEF45
channel Name of channel to receive notifications on. Slack options[channel]=JetBackup
token Bot User OAuth access token/Bot Token
  • Slack
  • Telegram