This function lets you Queue Backup Items for restore. For the complete parameters available for this API call, please click HERE.


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
type Integer REQUIRED The Queue Group Type. 2: Restore Queue 'type=2'
snapshot_id String REQUIRED The Parent ID of the Backup. Find the Parent ID from the Backup Object. snapshot_id=607f602a47fdfc271457147a
items List [] REQUIRED When not using the snapshot_id. List of Backup Item Object IDs you would like to add to the restore queue. The list of Backup Item Objects can be found when using getBackupItems. items[]=607f602a47fdfc271457147a
options List [] List of options you want to execute with the Restore Queue. For boolean type options, value is set to false by default.
  • terminate (boolean): true | false
  • suspend (boolean - False by default; Only neccessary to add if you want to suspend account after restoring): true | false
  • merge (boolean): true | false
  • reseller (boolean): true | false
  • owner (string)
  • package (string)
files List [] List of files/folders paths you want to restore. This parameter is only available for file-based backups(homedir files).   'files[]=/public_html/index.html&files[]=/test.txt'


This API call returns queue group objects.
To view the parameters returned by this function, click on Queue Group Object.

Example Call JETAPI

Example Call HTTP[$SNAPSHOT_ID]&items[]={$BACKUP_ITEM_OBJECT_ID}&options[owner]=reseller&files[$BACKUP_ITEM_OBJECT_ID][/public_html]=Directory