My Account

Click on the My Account button at either the top right corner of the JetBackup User interface or on the User Dashboard to manage your account's JetBackup settings and preferences.

NOTE: Account Encryption Selection must be enabled in the Admin Panel.


Email Address

Specify the email address that JetBackup notifications associated with the account will be sent to.

Backup Type

Choose the backup type you prefer for your hosting provider to generate from your account.

Any Backups

Allows your hosting provider to generate any backup for your account.

Only Encrypted Backups

Restrict your hosting provider to exclusively generate encrypted backups for your account. This option will automatically exclude your account from all backup jobs that creates unencrypted backups.

No Backups

No Backups will be generated for your account.

Encryption Key

When selecting Only Encrypted Backups, a unique encryption key is generated for your account and you are required to specify how you prefer to store your encryption key.

Local Encryption Key

Your encryption key will be store locally on the server. Choose this option if you TRUST your hosting provider with your encryption key. Your hosting provider will be able to access your backups and perform actions on your behalf (restore and download from backups).

Since the Local Encryption Key is tied to the Local Server's JetBackup 5 Configuration. Only the local server or a server restored using the Disaster Recovery will be able to access the encrypted backups.

Remote Encryption Key

Your encyption key will only be shown once through this interface and you would need to manually copy and store this key in a safe remote place. With this option selected, you would need to provide this key to restore and download your encrypted backups and to modify your backup type preference.

Choose this option if you DON'T TRUST your hosting provider with your encryption key. Your hosting provider will NOT be able to access or perform any action with your backups on your behalf(download/restore backups) without this key.

key generated

In case of LOST KEYS, please reach out to you hosting provider to RESET your encryption key. Please note that resetting your encryption key will set ALL existing encrypted backups associated to your account INACESSIBLE and subsequently DELETED.

Privacy Options

The Right To Be Forgotten

With this option enabled, ALL JetBackup DATA associated with your TERMINATED account will be permentantly deleted after the specified number of days set by your hosting provider.