Server Object

Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
_id String The ID of the server.   5b30da08d5ac5e06897b47e2
name String The name of the Server.   JBServer1
tags[] List List of Tag IDs used to attach this server to server group(s).   tags[]="5cd397fc17ba5954375fa0f7"&tags[]="5cd3a5bb17ba59543879c7fb"
created String The Time that the Server was added.   2019-05-10T02:32:26+00:00
ip String The IP of the Server.
ssh_port String The Server SSH port.   22
jb_version String The version of JetBackup installed on the server.   4.0.13
type String The Type of JetBackup installed on the server.
  • cPanel
  • Standalone
whitelist[] List Array of IP Addreses that this server will be allowed access from.   whitelist[]=[]=
handshake Boolean Whether the Server has successfully connected to the MC Server.    
compatible Boolean Whether the JetBackup Type and Version installed on the Server is compatible with the MC Server.    
alerts Integer The total amount of Alerts on this Server.