With this function, you can connect/manage JetBackup Server.


This is the basic parameters for all JetBackup server types.

Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
action String Required The action you want to perform.
  • create
  • modify
_id String Required on action modify The ID of the server.   5b30da08d5ac5e06897b47e2
name String Required on action create Server name.   JBServer1
ip String Required on action create Server IP.
  • IP Address
tags[] List List of Tag IDs used to group server(s)/optimizer(s).   tags[]="5cd397fc17ba5954375fa0f7"&tags[]="5cd3a5bb17ba59543879c7fb"
ssh_port String Required on action create The Server SSH port.   22
auth_type Integer Required on action create Server Authentication Type.
  • 1 - SSH Key
  • 2 - SSH Password
  • 3 - WHM Token
ssh_password String Required for auth_type=2 Server SSH password.    
whm_token String Required for auth_type=3 WHM Server API Token.   9MKjw55we7TIq0CdpaHaiYHacB5hQOqp
whitelist[] List List of IP Addreses that this server will be allowed access from.   whitelist[]=[]=


This API call returns server object.
To view the parameters that returned click on Server Object.