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With this function, you can manage GDPR settings.


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
secretKey String The user encryption key.   YsertyUIJHGFuliGR1uaXA==
backupType Integer The backup type you want to use (regular, encrypted or no Backups).
  • Regular Backups - 1
  • Encrypted Backups (*GDPR Best Practice) - 2
  • No Backups - 3
encryptionKeyLocation Integer
When backupType is set to 2, choose where you want to store your encryption key.
For more information about where to store your encryption key, click on GDPR
  • Local Encryption Key - 1
  • Remote Encryption Key (*GDPR Best Practice) - 2
theRightToBeForgotten Boolean
When this option is enabled, when your account is closed/terminated all data (including backups)
related to your account will be permanently deleted within X days (This time value is set by your hosting provider).


Doesn't return any data.