General Information

Installation Guide

System requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing JetBackup 5:

Operating Systems:

  • CentOS / RHEL / CloudLinux - 7,8 64-bit OS
  • AlmaLinux - 8 64-bit OS
  • Debian - 9,10 64-bit OS
  • Ubuntu - 18.04,20.04 64_bit OS

Supported Hosting Panels:

  • cPanel version 68 and above

    • WHM Tweak Settings > Max cPanel process memory - 2GB minimum required
  • DirectAdmin version 1.60.4 and above

JetBackup 5 for Linux only supports paneless environments running on supported Operating Systems.

For JetBackup 4 for cPanel users looking to upgrade to JetBackup 5, please visit our UPGRADE GUIDE.

Installing the JetApps Repository

Tp begin installation, you must first install the JetApps Repository.
Login to your server as the root user, then execute the following commands on your terminal for the apporpriate platform:


yum install
yum clean all --enablerepo=jetapps*
yum install jetapps --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=jetapps


cd ~ && curl -L > debinstall && bash debinstall

Installing JetBackup 5

Execute the following to install JetBackup 5 on your server with the appropriate platform:

It will then prompt Complete!. After successfully intalling JetBackup 5, take time to review the Getting Started guide to help set up JetBackup for the first time.

For more information regarding JetBackup tiers and updates, please visit JetBackup Updates.


To uninstall JetBackup from your server, execute the following command from your server's shell CLI as root user:

To completely remove JetApps (including all JetApps plugins), execute the following command from your server's shell CLI as root user:

yum remove jetapps-repo

JetBackup Updates

To manually update JetBackup, please execute the following command through the terminal as the root user:

It is recommended to activate the auto update feature. Everything will be done automatically when the update cron runs. To enable auto-update, run the following command:

To change your JetBackup tier from the server's terminal, please execute the following command specifying your preferred tier:


JetBackup registers and activates your license upon installation with your server's Public IP. If you migrate/replace the server, you will need to reissue the license through your license provider. If your license is purchased directly through JetApps, please do the following:

Login to your JetApps client area, from the top menu navigate to "Services" > "My Services", and choose JetBackup (click the "View Details" button).

Under "Management Actions", click on "Reissue License".

After the license has been Reissued, please verify that the license is active by inputting your IP at our License Verfication Site

Now all you need to do is to access the JetBackup through the GUI, and the license will be reissued using the new server details.

To force JetBackup to validate your license against our licensing servers please execute the following command from your server's CLI as root user:

/usr/bin/jetbackup5 --license

Note: JetBackup License(s) automatically validates every 48 hours.