In this section, you can view and execute actions on account backups and manage JetBackup settings for each account(s) you have ownership of on the server.


Account Settings

Click on the preferred account on the Accounts Page to expand and view the available account settings.

accounts settings

Manage Account

Click on the Manage Account button to modify account specific settings.

accounts modify

Email Address

Specify the email address that JetBackup notifications for the account will be sent to.

Max On Demand Backups

Set the maximum number of on-demand backups allowed to created for this account or use the global settings.

Reset Encryption Key

Delete the account's encryption key used for their backups. This option is only available when Remote Encryption Key is selected for the account's encrypted backups.

IMPORTANT! Once you reset the account encryption key, ALL existing encrypted backups for the account will be inaccessible and subsequently deleted.

Account Queue Priority Group

The priority group you assign will position this account in its respective place in the queue. [Example: “High” will put account in the front of the queue. “Low” will put account in the back of the queue.]

Visit Queue Priority Groups to create and modify your priority group settings.

Account Backup Jobs Excludes

accounts job excludes

This option allows you to specify files/folders to be excluded from a particular account. Please note that paths specified are relative to the account's home directory (/home/{USER}). The format should be in the Glob Pattern.

Create Backup On Demand

accounts settings BOD

Runs backup job only for the selected account using the job that was enabled in Backup on Demand Settings.

This is an on-demand backup of the account as it exists currently. If necessary, you can simply roll back to the recent on demand backup instead of restoring the last scheduled backup.

View Backups

Browse backups corresponding to the selected account.

accounts view backups simple

Available Options:

Select Backup

Under the Created column, click on the dropdown box (Choose Other Backup on advanced settings) to select the preferred backup date you would like to execute a restore/download from.

Show advanced/simple settings

The advanced settings allows you to customize which parts of the account you would like to include/exclude and select which particular backups to pull each item and execute a restore/download from.

accounts view backups advanced

Customize Account Task by:
  • Panel Config

  • Home Directory
    Change Files Selection - Browse and select which files and folders you would like to include/exclude.
  • Cron Jobs

  • Databases

  • Database Users

  • Zones

  • Certificates

  • Emails

  • FTP


Restore selected account backup items.

accounts backup restore

Restore Options:
  • Terminate account before restore (Only for non reseller accounts)
  • Merge live account data with backup data
  • Suspend account after restore
Restore Conditions:
Conditions specified under the Restore Settings that would need to be accepted in order to proceed with the restoration.
Backups Private Encryption Key:
If the selected backup is encrypted and the owner chose to store their key remotely when opting for encrypted backups, you will need to provide their Private Encryption Key to proceed with the backup restore.


Download selected account backup items.

accounts backup download

Backups Private Encryption Key:
If the selected backup is encrypted, you will need to provide the Private Encryption Key generated by the account owner when opting for encrypted backups to proceed with the backup download.

Lock Backups

Lock the selected backup out from the Backup Job rotation it is associated with.

accounts backup lock

Unlock Backups

Reinstate the selected backup back into the Backup Job rotation it is associated with.

View Downloads

Browse downloads corresponding to the selected account.

accounts view downloads

Assignable Accounts

JetBackup assigns each account with a universally unique identifier (UUID). This ensures that backups are assigned to the correct users and prevents conflicts from accounts that may have the same name across multiple servers from accessing unassociated backups. JetBackup allows you to reassign accounts with the correct UUID if it detects multiple UUID's with the same username.

accounts reassign

View Orphan Accounts

Orphan Backups are backups that have no associated active accounts.

accounts view orphan

Manage Account Tags

Tags are used to help sort groups of accounts and set group priorities.

Create New Tag

Assign the Tag a name for internal use. You can assign the tag a custom color using Hexadecimal numbers. You may also use the built-in Random Hexadecimal Number Generator

accounts tag create

Manage Tags

You may assign tags to accounts by pressing the Manage Tags button on the Accounts Page.