Addons Plugins

The Addons Plugins are plugins that provide extra functionality to the Core JetBackup features. Our showcase Addon Plugin is the Manage Databases plugin which is only available for JetBackup 5 for Linux instalations. This plugin allows you to assign databases to Linux accounts in order to be included in Account Backups.

Natively Supported Addons Plugins:

Manage Databases

Manage Databases Install

Configure Database Credentials

  1. Navigate to JetBackup 5 -> Settings -> Panel to configure the login credentials for your MySQL, PostgreSQL, and/or MongoDB instances.

Configure Databases Credentials

  1. You can also assign a Default Databases Backup Account. This account will "own" all Databases and Database users for Account Backups.

Install the Manage Databases Plugin

  1. From the Plugins -> Available Plugins Page, install the Manage Databases Plugin.
  2. After the installation is complete, navigate to the Installed Plugins tab to ensure the Plugin is Visible/Enabled.

Enable Manage Databases

Assigning Databases

  1. The Manage Databases plugin will be set to automatically assign databases to accounts by default. Database names must start with username_ in order to be automatically assigned.

Manage Databases Auto

  1. You can also change the Settings to manually assign databases to your Accounts.

Manage Databases Manual

  1. From the Assign Databases tab, select the account you want to assign databases too.

Manage Databases List

  1. You will then be taken to the Assign Database for Account screen.
  2. Select from the left hand side which Databases and Database Users you would like to assign to the selected Account.

Manage Databases Manual 2

  1. After all Databases and Database users have been selected, press save.
  2. Now an Account Backup of the assigned account will include the Databases and Database users it was assigned!