NOTICE: JetBackup 5 is now available in the Stable Tier. For more information, please visit our Jetbackup 5 Documentation.

Download Object

Parameter name Type Description Possible Values Example
_id String The ID of the download.   5b681559d5ac5e601054c2c3
account String The account name.    
created String When the download created.   2018-08-06T09:31:05+00:00
snap_id String The ID of the backup.   5b6613d4d5ac5e579e2ad7df
item_id String Backup id for a specific item (database, mail, dns etc.).   5b6613d5d5ac5e579e2ad7e4
downloaded Integer How many time you downloaded this backup.   0
queue_id String The ID of the queue item.   5b681554d5ac5e5fee7e00a2
path String The path to the downloaded file.