NOTICE: JetBackup Management Console is in ALPHA testing stage. Please handle with caution. Any information on this document is subject to change as we continue to develop and make changes.

Add New Job Optimizer

A Job Optimizer will automatically run backup jobs associated with selected server tag groups inside a backup time window that you choose. The job optimizer will track results daily and continue to become more efficient over time greatly reducing the backup time window.

To ensure that backup jobs gets optimized, please make sure that all servers with backup jobs using the same destination(s) are registered with JetBackup MC.

To add a new job optimizer, navigate to "Job Optimizers" and Click on "Create New Job Optimizer".


Example configuration page for the job optimizer:


Optimizer Name

This will be used internally for your convenience.

Time Window

The window of time that you want the optimizer to execute your jobs.

Run backup jobs with the following tags

Tells which backup jobs the optimizer will execute by selecting the corresponding tags the server(s)/job(s) are grouped by.