NOTICE: JetBackup Management Console is in ALPHA testing stage. Please handle with caution. Any information on this document is subject to change as we continue to develop and make changes.

Server Settings

In order to view Server settings, go to 'Servers' on the JetBackup Management Console sidebar
and click on the desired server to view the settings.


Manage Server

Click on 'Manage Server' to modify server settings.

Whitelist IP's

After authentication between the MC and server has been verified, the server you're adding will then PING the MC server with its WAN IP to establish a handshake between both servers. Once completed, JetBackup MC automatically whitelists the servers WAN IP and then added to this field.

Server Logs

Click on 'Server Logs' to view your server's JetBackup Logs.

Server Charts

Click on 'Server Charts' to view a detailed chart of the performance of your jobs in your server.


Connect Server

Click on 'Connect Server' to access the server's JetBackup interface.


Check Installation

Click on 'Check Installation' to check whether your JetBackup installation is compatible.

Delete Server

Click on 'Delete Server' to delete your server connection to JetBackup MC permanently.

Selected Options:


Install JetBackup

Install JetBackup on server.

Update JetBackup

Update JetBackup on server.

Register with JetBackup

Establish connection between JetBackup and the MC server.