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With this function, you can create/manage Job Optimizers.


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
_id String Required on action modify The ID of the job optimizer.   5ccbc48d9dc6d62a913c66bf
action String Required The action you want to perform.
  • create
  • modify
name String Required on action create Job Optimizer name.   JBOptimizer
window_start Integer Time the Job Optimizer will start (in minutes).   5
window_end Integer Time the Job Optimizer will end (in minutes).   10
tags[] List List of Tag IDs used to group server(s)/optimizer(s).   tags[0]="5cd397fc17ba5954375fa0f7"&tags[1]="5cd3a5bb17ba59543879c7fb"
disabled Boolean Whether to disable the job optimizer.
  • 0
  • 1
  • 0


This API call returns Job Optimizer objects.
To view the parameters that returned click on Optimizer Object.