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With this function, you can manage GDPR settings(Only root can manage GDPR settings).


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
enabled Boolean Required
Whether to enable GDPR.
useragreement String Required
Displays your User Agreement to clients with GDPR Mode enabled.
privacypolicy String Required
Displays your Privacy Policy to clients with GDPR Mode enabled.
destinationinfo String Required
As required under GDPR, displays the locations of your backup destinations with GDPR Mode enabled.
flag Integer Required
The backup structure you want to use.
destination String Required
The GDPR destination id.
datattl Integer
The amount of days, in which after this time,
all TERMINATED cPanel account data will be deleted (including backups, logs and etc...).
logsttl Integer     120
restoreattempts Integer The number of restore attempts.   10
monitor Object The job monitor parameters. To view the possible values click on Monitor Object monitor[ranfor]=0&monitor[notran]=0
performance Object The performance override parameters. To view the possible values click on Performance Object performance[ionice]=0&performance[renice]=0
limitaccounts Integer The number of accounts to backup on each cron run.   0
maximumruntime Integer The maximum run time for each cron run.   0
schedules[] List List of objects(_id, retain).
To create new schedule click on manageSchedule
To get the schedule id you can get it in the manageSchedule response or click on listSchedules
retain - The amount backup to retain before you do retention.
time Integer The scheduled time of the job.
if you want to schedule to 12:00 AM the value should be 0000(0),
for 12:10 AM the value should be 0010(10),
for 3:00 PM the value should be 1500.
excludelist[] List Directories and Files to exclude    
mustagree Boolean
Whether to force all your clients to agree to the new terms.
Your clients will not be able to access JetBackup GUI until they agree to the terms.
suspendbackups Boolean Whether to suspend all accounts backup until they agree to the new terms.    


This API call returns GDPR object.
To view the parameters returned, click on GDPR Object