WARNING: JetBackup 4 is set to reach its End-of-Life (EOL) on July 1st, 2024. For More Information, please visit: JetBackup 4 EOL Announcement.
NOTICE: JetBackup 5 is now available in the Stable Tier. For more information, please visit our Jetbackup 5 Documentation.



With this function, you create/modify hook.


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
_id String Required on action modify
The ID of the hook.
action String Required
The action you want to perform.
  • create
  • modify
name String Required on action create
The name of the hook.
positiontype Integer When you want to run the process, pre/post action.
  • Pre - 1
  • Post - 2
position Integer The hook type you want.
  • Backup - 1
  • Clone - 2
  • Restore - 3
  • Download - 4
  • Reindex - 5
  • Snapshot - 6
  • Daily Cron - 7
  • Backup Account - 8
  • Clone Account - 9
list[] List
List of Backup Jobs/Clone Jobs/Restore Types/Download Types/Destinations to execute when the hook is triggered.
List of Strings
script String Required on action create
The hook script/hook script path.
disabled Boolean Whether the hook is disabled.    


This API call returns hook object.
To view the parameters returned, click on Hook Object