NOTICE: JetBackup For Linux is in ALPHA testing stage. Please handle with caution. Any information on this document is subject to change as we continue to develop and make changes.

File Object

Parameter name Type Description Possible Values Example
icon String The icon that shows next to the type in the file manager.
  • dir
  • file
type String The file/dir type.
  • File
  • Block
  • Char
  • Directory
  • Link
  • Network
  • Fifo
  • Socket
  • Unknown
name String The file/dir name.    
size Integer The size of the file/dir.   28
created String The time that the file/dir was created.   2018-06-19T12:35:00+00:00
active Boolean
Whether the checkbox that shows next to the file name in the file manager is active.
Only restorable files will have the checkbox.