NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

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With this function, you can manage notification settings.


Parameter name Type Description Possible values Example
emailserver Integer The type of mail server you want to use.
  • Local PHP Mailer - 1
  • SMTP - 2
smtpfrom String SMTP From Email. Valid email.  
smtpserver String SMTP Host.    
smtpport String SMTP Port.    
smtpusername String SMTP Username.    
smtppassword String SMTP Password.    
smtpsecure Integer SMTP Secure.
  • None - ''
  • SSL - ssl
  • TLS - tls
emailaddress String Email addresses that notifications will be sent to.    
global Boolean Whether to receive notifications on a global issue such as failed license validations and many more.    
restore Boolean Whether to notify for each restore complete.    
backup Boolean Whether to notify for each backup that finish.    
download Boolean Whether to notify for each download process that finish.    
dailycron Boolean Whether to notify me after daily cron finish (Full report is included).    
alerts Integer Notify me on alerts in the selected types.
  • Information - 32
  • Warning - 64
  • Critical - 128


This API call returns notification setting object.
To view the parameters that returned click on Notification Setting Object