NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

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Queue Object

Parameter name Type Description Possible Values Example
_id String The ID of the queue item.   5b60448dd5ac5e4a877ac382
created String The time that the item created.   2018-07-31T11:14:21+00:00
status Integer The process status.   100
status_name String The process description status.   Completed
type Integer The queue type of the item.   1
files Object To view the parameters that returned click on Files Object    
type_name String The type description of the item.   Restore - Full Account
snap_id String The snapshot id.   5b604202d5ac5e434a536233
item_id String The item id.   5b60420ed5ac5e434a536237
item_type Integer The item type.   384
item_name String The item description type.   acct01.tar
filename String The file name.   download_acct01_127_1534327799.tar.gz
safety_id String The safty backup id for restore.   5b73f43fd5ac5e64b46c20f6
download_id String The download id.   5b696da4d5ac5e39290d6453