NOTICE: JetBackup For Linux is in ALPHA testing stage. Please handle with caution. Any information on this document is subject to change as we continue to develop and make changes.

Database MySQL Object

Authentication Parameter name Type Description Possible Values Example
hostname String The hostname/ip where the remote MySQL database is hosted.    
port Integer The MySQL database server port. [Default 3306]   3306
username String Name of the MySQL database user.    
password String Password of the MySQL database user.    
Options Parameter name Type Description Possible Values Example
dump_max_packet Integer The maximum packet length to send to or receive from server.
  • Default - 0
  • 32 MB - 32
  • 64 MB - 64
  • 128 MB - 128
  • 256 MB - 256
  • 512 MB - 512
  • 1 GB - 1024
  • 2 GB - 2048
dump_gtid_purged String This option enables control over global transaction ID (GTID) information written to the dump file, by indicating whether to add a SET @@GLOBAL.gtid_purged statement to the output. This option may also cause a statement to be written to the output that disables binary logging while the dump file is being reloaded.
  • Default - ' '
  • Enabled - ON
  • Disabled - OFF
  • Automatically - AUTO
flags Integer MySQL Flag options you want to use. To view the possible values click on MySQL Flag Options