NOTICE: JetBackup WHMCS Module has reached End of Life (EoL) on March 1st, 2021.

WHMCS version 8 now offers native support for JetBackup backup services. For a Step-by-Step Guide, please visit Integrating JetBackup with WHMCS 8+

Tickets Templates

Besides system emails, JetBackup WHMCS module can also alert you / your clients through WHMCS internal ticketing system.
On system events, a ticket could be opened once a job fails or completed.
On client related issues, tickets could be opened on restore events, and if when an account was removed/added from a backup job (if enabled).
Any client related ticket will be opened directly to the client and can be tracked inside WHMCS as a "regular" ticket.

Tickets are enabled by default and can be disabled at any time.

The Tickets Editor

All of the ticket templates are built with Smarty functionality ( What is smarty ? ).

The Ticket Templates Variables

Ticket templates can use varies different variables.
Each template can use unique and global variables, For more information click on the required template below.