Servers & Servers Tokens

This page shows a list of active servers registered inside WHMCS (WHMCS Admin -> Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers). For each server, the module generated its own unique token to be used when reporting back to the module: cPanel/WHM server sends a push notification to WHMCS Module, each server authenticate with its own token. Once the module is installed, all tokens are generated for the first time.

[ To add a server to your WHMCS use: ]

You can always create a new token by clicking the "Regenerate Token" button inside each server's settings.
Your WHMCS URL, along with the module path & token should be configured inside JetBackup, to ease the usage, simply click on the "Copy Push URL" button, and paste it inside JetBackup settings.

[ Copy push URL ]

[ Paste your push URL inside JetBackup (Settings -> General) ]

Additional settings to configure inside JetBackup

1. Enable API Notification system

2. Turn on the Backup Quota In the required job