This guide shows how to add an FTP backup destination to JetBackup.


JetApps does not guarantee the error-free functionality of experimental features, and we provide it on an experimental basis only. You assume all risk for any feature that you use marked "Experimental". Use of this feature could cause functionality failures, even for experienced administrators. Eventually this feature will be released to our STABLE tier, once adequate testing and refinement is complete.

First make sure that you have the appropriate FTP destination plugin installed and enabled.

Then create a new FTP user and password on the backup destination server. Then create the destination and add the credentials in the "Add Destination Screen".

An example FTP Configuration page for the destination:

FTP destination

Destination Name

Specify a unique name for your destination. This will be used internally for your convenience.

Read Only

This option allows you to add the destination as a "Read Only" destination. You can only restore and download existing backups from a read-only destination. Read Only is required if the Backup Directory is already owned by another destination/server.


Specify the owner for this destination. This grants the owner and its parent account(s) permission to modify and delete this destination. Please note that the owner specified will also need Can Manage Destinations permission granted under the Permissions section.

Backup Directory

This will be our starting point when accessing this destination. There are two ways to get to each directory: Relative and Absolute
Relative path "./" will point to the Absolute path of the SSH/Linux user home directory "/home/USERNAME"
Make sure that you always have the right permission to the path you're using.
Note: The absolute path must be unique and can not be used by two different Destination Configurations. If a backup directory is already owned by another JetBackup Destination, you may create a "Read Only" Destination to that path.

Remote Host

A simple hostname or IP address to access the remote backup server.


Your remote port. Default port is 21.

Remote Username

The remote user to login with. It is recommended to create a dedicated user for backups and not use root user.

Remote Password

Password for the provided FTP user.

Connection Timeout

Timeout for the connection. The default value is 30 (in seconds), you can increase this if the connection to the remote server is poor and you might face longer timeout issues.

Connection Retries

Number of times JetBackup will attempt to connect to the destination. The default value is 3 Retries. You can increase this value but unsuccessful connections will be made longer.

Secure SSL-FTP Connection

Support for SSL-FTP connections providing greater security through the use of SSL certificates.

Passive Mode

In passive mode, data connections are initiated by the client, rather than by the server. It may be needed if the client is behind firewall.