In the logs section, you will be able to view and download all general logs for JetBackup-related processes and check their corresponding status.


Log Types

You can browse specific log types with the filter drop-down menu.

All Logs

Displays JetBackup logs of all types. (default)

Backup Logs

Backup logs contains information regarding Backup Jobs processes.

Download Logs

Download logs contains information regarding Backup Download processes.

Restore Logs

Restore logs contains information regarding Backup Restore processes.

Reindex Logs

Reindex logs contains information regarding Destination Reindexing processes.

System Logs

System Logs contains information regarding JetBackup system processes such as JetBackup events and hooks.

Log Statuses


The action was successfully completed.

Partially Complete

Indicates that the task didn't finish processing all items completely.


The task failed to execute.


Indicates that the task was stopped by the user or that there are no accounts to process(all accounts were filtered out).

Never Finished

Usually indicates that a problem occured and "killed" the process.


The task is currently running.

Log Options


Download Log File

Download selected Log file locally from the browser.

View Log File

View the Log associated to the processed task.

View Log Summary


View the Summary of the Log for the associated processed task. You can view the log snippet for a specific account by pressing on the account within View Log Summary.

Delete Log File

Deletes the selected log file from the server permanently.