With the Permissions Manager interface, you can view and manage JetBackup permissions for Global and Specific accounts on your server.


Permissions Type

Global Permissions

The permissions for all resellers/users.

Specific Permissions

You can change permissions for a specific account.

Permissions Options

If the permission is set to never, you can't override it. Otherwise Yes/No permissions can be overriden.

  • Yes - Grant permission for the corresponding option.
  • No - Deny permission for the corresponding option.
  • Never(Global) - Deny and disable ability to override permission for the corresponding option.
  • Inherit(Specific) - Inherit the permission from the global permission.

Restore to Defaults

Reset permissions to the Default values.

Default Permissions

All specific permissions are set to Inherit from global permissions by default.


  • Yes
  • No
  • Never

Global Permissions

Permission Name   Permission Name  
Has All Privileges Never Can Manage Accounts
Can Restore Backups
Can Download Backups
Can Manage Full Backups
Can Manage File Backups
Can Manage Cron Job Backups
Can Manage Email Account Backups
Can Manage Database Backups
Can Manage SSL Certificate Backups
Can Manage DNS Zone Backups
Can Manage Configuration Backups
Can Manage Backup Jobs
Can Manage Destinations
Can Manage Hooks
Can Manage Permissions Never
Can View Logs
Can Manage Logs
Can View Alerts
Can Manage Directory Backups
Can Manage FTP Account Backups
Can Manage Clone Jobs