Encrypted Backups

JetBackup makes it easy to offer Encrypted Backups to your clients, keeping your user's data safer by adding an additional layer of security. This is specially useful for users that are required to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant by EU law.

To begin, create a backup job as you normally would, making sure to enable Encrypted Backups. Please note that this option is only available with Archived and Compressed Backup Structure.

encrypted backup job option

Once you have your Encrypted Backup Job set up, review your Privacy & Security Settings to add your User Agreement and Privacy Policy as well as to set the number of days JetBackup will keep encrypted backups after an account is terminated. You may also give your clients the option to opt in and out of encrypted backups by enabling the Account Encryption Selection.

Privacy & Security Settings

By default, users that have not specified their encrypted backup preferences will have their encryption keys stored locally. For users that opts for encrypted backups only, their accounts will be automatically excluded from all other backup jobs with encrypted backups disabled.