Once you open JetBackup 5, you will be greeted with the JetBackup interface and dashboard. The dashboard shows an overview of statistics, alerts and recent activities of JetBackup associated with your account.

Please note that the available sections shown here may differ from your interface depending on the permissions granted by your service provider.

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JetBackup Admin Panel interface sections:

  1. Navigation Sidebar
  2. Statistics
  3. Restore & Download Quick Actions
  4. JetBackup Account Quick Actions
  5. JetBackup 5 Version Information
  • For instructions on installing JetBackup 5, please visit our Installation guide.
  • For first time users, check out our Getting Started guide to help you set up JetBackup.


Get an overview of JetBackup's usage statistics associated with your account.

New Alerts

The total number of JetBackup alerts within the last 24 hours.

Total Backups

The total number of backups for all accounts you have ownership of.

Total Accounts Usage

The amount of disk usage for all accounts you have ownership of on the server.

Restore & Download Quick Actions

Quickly restore specific backup items/categories. Each action will navigate you to the Item Specific Restore and Download Page.

Action Permission
Full Backups Can Manage Full Backups, Can Manage Configuration Backups
Home Directory Can Manage File Backups
Cron Jobs Can Manage Cron Job Backups
Databases Can Manage Database Backups
Database Users Can Manage Database Backups
DNS Zones Can Manage DNS Zone Backups
Certificates Can Manage SSL Certificate Backups
Email Accounts Can Manage Email Account Backups
FTP Accounts Can Manage FTP Account Backups

JetBackup Account Quick Actions

Manage Account

The Manage Account page allows you to manage and modify your account's JetBackup settings and preferences.

Create Backup On Demand

Backup on Demand gives you the ability to create a point-in-time full account snapshot of your account. On-demand backups are useful right before making any upgrades/changes to your account. If necessary, you can conveniently roll back to the recent on-demand backup instead of restoring the last scheduled backup.

This section is disabled by default and is set by your hosting provider. Please visit Permissions for more information. In order to enable Backup on Demand for the End User, please ensure Backup on Demand is enabled in the Admin Settings -> Backup on Demand.

View Downloads

View and access generated backup downloads.


View and manage queued JetBackup processes (restores and downloads) associated with your account along with the status (Completed, Failed, Cancelled, Pending, Processing). For resellers, this includes accounts under your ownership as well.

JetBackup 5 Version Information

This shows you the JetBackup 5 Base and Panel Version, Current TIER, and JetApps Copyright Information.