NOTICE: JetBackup For Linux is in ALPHA testing stage. Please handle with caution. Any information on this document is subject to change as we continue to develop and make changes.

Show help screen


jetbackup --help

Command Alias

jetcli backup --help

Example Output

[root@example ~]# jetbackup --help
Command Line Interface for JetBackup
Copyright (C) 2012-2018 by JetApps (created by Idan Ben Ezra).
Web site:

  jetcli backup [options -vfg] -R <command> [-U <username> ] [-I <id>]
  jetcli backup -vR backup -I 5a683e101fd30d34552da2e2 -S 598822151fd30d2d557f12d1

 -v, --verbose                       increase verbosity
 -f, --force                         no action prompt and force commands
 -R, --run COMMAND                   The command you want to execute. example -R backup or --run backup
                                     Available run Commands: backup, reindex, restore, downloads, resetotp, register-plugin, unregister-plugin
 -I, --id ID                         The item ID to perform the action you provided if needed. example --id 599d45fe1fd30d2b5c599d92
 -j, --json                          Use this flag if you want to get the response output in a JSON format
 -d, --debug                         Add debug output to the log file
     --license                       Clears the license local key
     --register-plugin CONFFILE      Register new plugin
     --unregister-plugin CONFFILE    Unregister existing plugin
     --resetotp USERNAME             Reset OTP for a specific user
     --daily                         Perform daily actions. add --verbose to print details to the screen
     --export DIRPATH                Exporting JetBackup settings. if no directory path provided, the export will be saved in the default location
     --import FILEPATH               Importing settings to JetBackup
     --version                       prints the JetBackup version
     --help                          prints this help