NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

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Show help screen


jetbackup --help

Command Alias

jetcli backup --help

Example Output

[root@example ~]# jetbackup --help
Command Line Interface for JetBackup
Copyright (C) 2012-2018 by JetApps (created by Idan Ben Ezra).
Web site:

  jetcli backup [options -vfg] -R <command> [-U <username> ] [-I <id>]
  jetcli backup -vR backup -I 5a683e101fd30d34552da2e2 -S 598822151fd30d2d557f12d1

 -v, --verbose                       increase verbosity
 -f, --force                         no action prompt and force commands
 -R, --run COMMAND                   The command you want to execute. example -R backup or --run backup
                                     Available run Commands: backup, reindex, restore, downloads, resetotp, register-plugin, unregister-plugin
 -I, --id ID                         The item ID to perform the action you provided if needed. example --id 599d45fe1fd30d2b5c599d92
 -j, --json                          Use this flag if you want to get the response output in a JSON format
 -d, --debug                         Add debug output to the log file
     --license                       Clears the license local key
     --register-plugin CONFFILE      Register new plugin
     --unregister-plugin CONFFILE    Unregister existing plugin
     --resetotp USERNAME             Reset OTP for a specific user
     --daily                         Perform daily actions. add --verbose to print details to the screen
     --export DIRPATH                Exporting JetBackup settings. if no directory path provided, the export will be saved in the default location
     --import FILEPATH               Importing settings to JetBackup
     --version                       prints the JetBackup version
     --help                          prints this help