NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

Please CLICK HERE for the latest JetBackup 5 for Linux Documentation.


This guide shows how to set up a connection from your JetBackup server to a PostgreSQL database.


  1. PostgreSQL installed on the database server.
  2. PostgreSQL client installed on your JetBackup server.
  3. For databases on a WAN IP, make sure you have access to the database port.
  4. User with all privileges for all databases.

Create database Connection

  1. Specify "Type" as "PostgreSQL".
  2. Enter a name for your PostgreSQL database connection.
  3. Enter your remote database hostname and your database user credentials.
  4. Click the "save" button.

An example configuration page for the database connection:

postgresql database connection

Database Name

A generic name for your internal ease of use, so it will be easier to recognize the database connection in case you have more than one. Max length is 40 characters.


The hostname/ip where the PostgreSQL database is hosted.


Your remote database port (default port is 5432 - you must specify this even if it's 5432).

Please make sure that the port you are using for PostgreSQL database connection is open in your database server firewall.

Authentication Enabled

Whether authentication is enabled/disabled on the remote PostgreSQL database server.


Name of the PostgreSQL database user.


Password of the PostgreSQL database user.