NOTICE: JetBackup For Linux is in ALPHA testing stage. Please handle with caution. Any information on this document is subject to change as we continue to develop and make changes.


In the databases Restore & Download section you can view all the database backups that have been created.
You will be able to download backup, view backups etc.

Filters to Find Directory Backups

Restore & Download Database

Filter Database Backups by:

  • Backup Destination - Filter by Destination
  • Engine - MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. For more information click Database Connection Types.
  • Find Database SearchBox

Selected options:

Restore & Download Database options

Restore Database Backups

Restore Database from backup.

Download Database Backups

Download selected Database backup.

Lock/Unlock Database Backups

When lock/unlock backup is applied, the database backup will not be part of your backup rotation.

lock backup TTL

The lock days number. insert 0 to unlimited time.
This snapshot will be unlocked automatically after the X days.

Restore & Download lock backup TTL