NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

Please CLICK HERE for the latest JetBackup 5 for Linux Documentation.

How To Get My Master Private Key?

JetBackup for Linux generates the root master private key upon installation. In case the key does not exist, you can generate a new key through the Generate root Master Private Key button under general settings.

To obtain your private key, please log in to your server as root and download this file:

That key will be handy in DR situations since from now on, JetBackup "DR-snapshots" is encrypted.
Please be advised, there is no way to restore from DR without that key, and it's important to keep this key on your local machine/phone or other servers.

Important information!

  • Please keep your private key in safe place, that only authorized personnel can access it. We highly recommend reading online on techniques for "keep private keys safe".
  • Uninstalling JetBackup also removes the root master private key.
  • DR backups will be created unencrypted when the root master private key is missing.