NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

Please CLICK HERE for the latest JetBackup 5 for Linux Documentation.

Google Drive

Step 1 - Configure Google Drive API

Enter this link and sign in with your google account.
Hit the "CREATE PROJECT" button.

create project

Write your project name and click the “CREATE” button.

new project

After creating the project, use the search box to look up for "Google Drive API"

Google Drive API search

Click "Google Drive API" and the following page will appear, Click "ENABLE"

Google Drive API

After enabling, click the drawer icon left to Google APIs logo -> APIs & services -> Credentials:

Google Drive API Credentials

In the credentials page, click the tab named "OAuth consent screen".
Under "Product name shown to users" type the backup product's name. In this example "JetBackup".
Hit the "save" button.

OAuth consent screen

Click the "Create credentials: button and then "OAuth client ID".

OAuth client ID

Choose "Other", type the client's name and then click the "Create" button.

create OAuth client ID

At the OAuth client window, click "OK".

OAuth client

Click the download icon at the edge of the client's ID. This will download a JSON file which you will use later.

OAuth client JSON file

Step 2 Create a backup destination

  1. Specify "Destination Type" as "Google Drive".
  2. Write a name for your destination.
  3. Open the JSON file you previously downloaded with Notepad, copy the content and paste it in "OAuth 2.0 Client" text box.
  4. Click the "Request Access Code" button, for a Google approval window to appear.
  5. Copy the access code and paste it to the "Access Code" text area.
  6. Click the "save" button.
Example configuration page for the destination:

create google drive destination

Destination Name

A generic name for your internal ease of use, so it will be easier to recognize the backup destination roll, in case you have more than one.
Max length is 40 characters.

Backup Directory

This will be our starting point when accessing this destination.
Make sure to not start with "/".
Write your path to where you want the backup to be stored.
You can leave the backup directory empty if you want that the backup will be stored in the main directory.

Free Disk Space Limit

This option will check if destination disk space reached the specified limit before it performs the backup. If you enable this option and available disk space is less than the amount specified, the system will not perform the backup.

OAuth 2.0 Client

Provide the google drive OAuth 2.0 client json file contents.

Authentication Type

Authentication may be OAuth 2.0 with AccessCode or Service account without AccessCode.

Access Code

The authentication pop-up code.