NOTICE: This Documentation is for JetBackup 4 for Linux.

Please CLICK HERE for the latest JetBackup 5 for Linux Documentation.

Destination Settings

In order to change destination settings click on Destination at the JetBackup sidebar and choose your destination to view settings.

destination settings

Disable/Enable Destination

Click on Disable/Enable Destination to Disable/Enable your destination.

Validate Destination

Click on Validate Destination to check whether your destination is valid.

Manage Destination

Click on Manage Destination to modify destination settings.

Export JB Config

Click on Export/Do Not Export JB Config to Enable/Disable JB config backups.
The JB config contains your JetBackup internal data that stores all information required to recover from a disaster.
Backups are executed nightly of a maximum 7 snapshots.
For more details, refer to Disaster Recovery.

Hide/UnHide Snapshots

Click on Hide/UnHide Destination backups.
When "Hide" option is ON for destination, the backups from this destination will not show on users that don't have All Privileges (same as root) permissions.

Browse Destination Files

Destination file manager.

Delete Destination

Click on Delete Destination to delete your destination permanently.

Make sure that the destination is not assigned to any backup jobs in order to delete it.