WARNING: JetBackup 4 is set to reach its End-of-Life (EOL) on July 1st, 2024. For More Information, please visit: JetBackup 4 EOL Announcement.
NOTICE: JetBackup 5 is now available in the Stable Tier. For more information, please visit our Jetbackup 5 Documentation.

Create New Backup Job

To create a new backup job, navigate to "Backup Jobs" and Click on "Create New Backup Job".

backup job page

Example configuration page for the backup job:

create backup job

Job Name

Specify an internal name for your job.


Choose a backup destination for this job.
You can find more details about backup destinations in the following Destinations Overview link.

Backup Type

  • Accounts - Copy files/folders from each cPanel account that you choose to include (i.e. similar to "/scripts/pkgacct" for those who understand this cPanel process).

You can choose to include/exclude the following:
cPanel Configurations
Home dir Files
Databases (Incremental backups is not supported for this type *)
Emails/Emails structure **
Cron Jobs
DNS Zones
SSL Certificates

* In case of an incremental job, all files included in this job are backed up incrementally with the exception of databases. Databases are regenerated and synced to the destination. Each job run will add the disk usage of each database dump file to the backup.
** When choosing the option to backup email structure, the backup will contain the email account structure without the email content.

  • Directories - Copy server files/folders that you choose to include (not necessarily related to cPanel accounts).
  • Replicate - Creates a one-to-one copy of the included files/directories to the backup destination. Please note that backup retentions are not supported for this type.

Delete files not existing in source - Check to delete files in the destination which no longer exists in the source directory.

Backup Structure

  • Incremental - Backup new and changed data since the previous backup.
  • Archived - Backup data in an uncompressed archive (.tar file format). Uncompressed backups are faster to generate but require more space.
  • Compressed - Backup data in a compressed archive (.tar.gz file format). Compressed backups use less space but take more time to generate.

For more information about the Backup Structure you can use for your destination go to Destinations Overview.

Account Filters

By default, all accounts are included in the backup job. Filters allows you to specify which accounts are to be included/excluded. Multiple filters may also be applied and are combined by AND/OR statements.
AND - the condition on EACH filter(s) must be met in order for an account to be included in the backup job.
OR - the condition on EITHER filter(s) must be met in order for an account to be included in the backup job.

Once filter(s) are applied on a backup job, JetBackup will start to clean(delete) previous backups generated from the backup job for each excluded accounts, from the oldest to the most recent backup. Each backup-job execution will remove one backup for each excluded accounts.


All Accounts: {acct01,acct02,acct03}
Filter A: Account Filter, Include: {acct01, acct02}
Filter B: Account Filter, Include: {acct01}
Filter C: Account Filter, Exclude: {acct02}

Creating a filter with the following filter type combinations will provide these results:
Filter A AND Filter B => Only {acct01} will be backed up.
Filter B OR Filter C => Only {acct01, acct03} will be backed up.
Filter A OR Filter B => Only {acct01, acct02} will be backed up.
Filter A AND Filter B AND Filter C => Only {acct01} will be backed up.
Filter A OR Filter B AND Filter C => Only {acct01, acct02} will be backed up.

For more information about how to create new filter click on the following link: Create New Filter.

Directories and Files to Include

Select which directories and files you would like to include in your Directories or Replicate backup job. Specify a path on the field and click on "Add Path" to add a single file path or "Insert Multiple" to add multiple paths manually.

Directories and Files to include IMG

Directories and Files to Exclude

Choose directories to be excluded from backup, you can enter one or many.
Click Exclude Files and Directories link for more details.


Click on Create Schedule for more details regarding setting up backup schedules.
JetBackup also gives you the option to set multiple schedules for each backup/clone/reindex job. There are no extra overhead between backups with multiple schedules running at the same time as JetBackup will automatically mark each coinciding backup with the appropriate schedule types.

Changing between schedule types may remove backups generated from the previous schedule type. Please review Schedule Type on how to properly make changes on your schedule.

Schedule Time

The time that you want all schedules to be executed.

Limit Accounts to Backup

Limit the number of accounts the Backup Job will process each time in minutes. Setting this value to "10" will backup 10 accounts per each backup run. If the server has 60 accounts and the backup job is scheduled to run daily, it will backup 10 accounts each time and will take a total of 6 days. The backup order is alphabetical.

  • This setting does not work with multi-scheduled backup jobs.
  • With this setting enabled, modifying the backup job will reset the backup account order.

Maximum Execution Run Time

Set the Maximum Execution Time for the Backup Job in minutes. Setting this value to "600" will limit the backup execution time for 10 hours per each backup run. Once the backup runtime has reached the set time, the backup job will continue to run until the current account getting backed up is completed. On the backup job's next scheduled run, it will start backup on the account it left off on the previous run, and will continue until all accounts are processed.

  • This setting does not work with multi-scheduled backup jobs.
  • With this setting enabled, modifying the backup job will reset the backup account order.

Performance Override

Override the default performance settings for this specific job:
CloudLinux LVE/ionice/renice.
For more detail about performance options click Resource Settings.

Job Monitor

Choose whether to notify if there were no backups for x days and if the job process runs more then x days. (Insert 0 to disable).

Pause Job on Load

Set how long the backup job will wait in minutes when the load reaches the specified load value. The backup job will pause up to 10 times and then aborts. (Insert 0 to disable)

Data sync retries

Set how many times the backup job will retry to transfer data in case sync process fails. (Insert 0 to disable)