System requirements

These are the minimum system requirements for installing JetBackup for cPanel -
  • cPanel version 68 and above
  • CentOS 6 / CloudLinux 6 / RedHat 6
  • CentOS 7 / CloudLinux 7 / RedHat 7
  • 64bit OS
  • WHM Tweak Settings - Max cPanel process memory - require at least 2GB

Follow these instructions to install JetBackup.

Login to your server as root user, then run the following commands:

yum install
yum clean all --enablerepo=jetapps*
yum install jetapps-cpanel --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=jetapps
Once the installation finishes, login to your WHM server GUI using root user.
In WHM Tweak Settings - set "Max cPanel process memory" - to at least 2GB.
Under the plugins menu you should find plugin named "JetApps".
Click on JetApps -> JetBackup, and choose the tier you want to install from.
Approve the installation.