Account Settings

In order to view Account settings, go to 'Account' on the JetBackup sidebar.

view accounts

Click on your desirable account to be able to view the account settings.

view account setting

Login to cPanel Account

Direct transfer to user's cPanel account.

Manage Account

Click on Manage Account to modify account settings.

modify account settings

Email Address

Insert email address in order to receive restore notifications.

Maximum Snapshots

Set the maximum snapshots the end user is allowed to create for this account (insert 0 to unlimited, -1 to disable or leave empty to use default).

Reset Encryption Key

Delete the account's encryption key used for their backups.
This option is only available when encrypted backups(GDPR) is enabled.

IMPORTANT! Once you reset the account encryption key, all encrypted backups for the account will be inaccessible and will be deleted.

Account Queue Priority Group

The priority group you assign will position this account in its respective place in the queue. [Example: “High” will put account in the front of the queue. “Low” will put account in the back of the queue.]

Visit Queue Priority Groups to create and modify your priority group settings.

Enable Backup Quota

The main goal of Backup Quota is to give information about the account backup usage for each job.
The information will be sent by daily cron or by API call to CRM systems (WHMCS for example).
Visit General Settings for more information regarding setting up an API Notification system.
  • In order to enable the Backup Quota both the account and job Backup Quota needs to be enabled.
  • The job will backup accounts even if they are excluded by certain filters (exclude list).
  • Every night you will get a report of the number of snapshots and their size for each account that the Backup Quota is enabled for.

Create Snapshot

Click on Create Snapshot to initiate an on-demand backup for the selected account.
This can be specially useful before making changes to an account, so you can roll back to your
most recent snapshot if needed, instead of rolling back to the last scheduled backup.
Visit Snapshots Settings to set your snapshot job and related limits.

Clone Account

clone account settings


Choose an 'SSH cPanel clone' backup destination for this job.

Clone From

Choose whether to clone the account data from the live account or a backup.

Account IP

  1. Restore the account with shared IP: The cloned cPanel account will get the shared IP of the destination server.
  2. Try to match dedicated IP status (Try the same IP first): JetBackup will try to preserve the dedicated IP, as long as it's set on your destination.