Backup generic system and server config files

Besides cPanel accounts, JetBackup can also backup generic system files & folders on the server. This is very useful if you want to backup important files and server config files that are not directly related to cPanel accounts. In the following example, we created directories job that will backup important folders on a cPanel server. The job is scheduled to be executed right after the full accounts backup job finishes.

Backup system files

In order to backup specific files/folders from your cPanel server, you would need to choose either a "Directories" or "Replicate" backup type. Click on Backup Job Types for more information.

Here is a list of files/folders we recommend to include on your backup job.


You can copy this list and use it for your own backup jobs. Note that “/var/lib/mysql” folder will backup the entire mysql directory. This will backup the mysql folder “as is”, without proper mysql dumps. This backup type should be used only to recover from disaster, when the mysql dumps are not useful.