Restore From Disaster Recovery

In order to enable DR Backups, click on "Enable DR Backups" on your preferred Destination. Keep your DR destination details to be able to restore from DR. The DR Backups will be executed every night and will keep max of 7 newest snapshots.

When you have disaster on your server and you have lost your data you can do a quick restore with DR backup feature.

If you don't have disaster recovery backup and you want to restore accounts from destination please refer to Manually Restore From Destination

The purpose of Disaster Recovery backup is to restore your JetBackup setting (Destinations, backup jobs, clone jobs etc.).
Disaster backups has nothing to do with the actual data backups of the accounts, it's only for quick restore of JetBackup setting in case of a disaster.

In order to restore it, you will have to go through few steps:

  1. Set up your server.
  2. Install cPanel.
  3. Install JetBackup. For more information click Installation.
After that JetBackup installation is over, enter your WHM and go to JetBackup and you will see this page:
Click on 'Recovering From Disaster'.

You have one chance to do the recovery, if you have clicked the 'Fresh Installation' button you will not have the option to go back.

DR Wizard

Choose your DR destination type and directory and hit 'Next Step'.

DR Directory

Choose the DR backup(JetBackup setting) that you want to restore from (usually you will want the last backup that was created).
Hit the 'Next Page' button.

DR Configuration Files

Insert the root master private key from your old server.
For more information about the master private key click on the following link: How To Get My Master Private Key?

DR master Private Key

Here you will see all the accounts that was live on the time of the DR backup(JetBackup setting), you can choose whether to restore them or not.
Hit 'Next Page' button.

DR Account to Recover

Here you will see recovery accounts queue, please wait while the selected accounts is being restored.
Hit 'Finish & Login to panel' button.

DR Queue