WARNING: JetBackup 4 is set to reach its End-of-Life (EOL) on July 1st, 2024. For More Information, please visit: JetBackup 4 EOL Announcement.
NOTICE: JetBackup 5 is now available in the Stable Tier. For more information, please visit our Jetbackup 5 Documentation.


In the accounts tab of this section, you can view all the backups generated for each cPanel account and choose which accounts and their corresponding backups to restore or download.

Mysql & Postgresql compressed backup issue

We are aware of a bug in JetBackup 4 for cPanel where compressed backups for accounts that are using both MySQL and PostgreSQL fail to dump MySQL Databases. Please visit the following link for the patch to this issue: MySQL & PostgreSQL - Compressed Backup Patch

Filters to Find Account Backups

Restore & Download Accounts

Filter Account Backups by:

  • Backup Type - Full Backups, Files Backups, Databases Backups, Emails Backups, Cron Backups, DNS Zones Backups, SSL Certificates Backups.

File Backups can only be restored by selecting the files in Browse Files under Actions.

  • Backup Destination
  • Backup Structure - Incremental, Archived, Compressed. For more information click Destinations Overview.
  • Accounts Type - Live Accounts, Orphan Accounts (list of Backup accounts that has been deleted from WHM).

Orphan Accounts can only be restored & downloaded from full account backups.

  • Find Account SearchBox
  • Restore Wizard - The Restore Wizard guides you through the steps required to recover from the corresponding backups.

Selected options:

Restore & Download Accounts options

Restore Account Backups

Restore selected account backups. Add a restore task to the Queue.

To manually restore a cPanel account from your backups, please follow our guide here.

Restoring accounts from SSH-based destinations are transferred directly from source and requires a minimum space the size of the largest account, OTHERWISE the restore process requires minimum space of 3 times the size of the largest account.

This will TERMINATE the selected existing account. The account will be recreated and restored using the backup. ALL data created after the backup restore point will be permanently lost.

Download Account Backups

Download selected account backups. Add a download task to the Queue.

Downloads generated from account backups are stored in the corresponding account's home directory: /home/{USER}/.jbm/downloads.

Lock/Unlock Backups

When lock/unlocks backup is applied the backup will not be part of your backup rotation.

lock backup TTL

The lock days number. insert 0 to unlimited time.
This snapshot will be unlocked automatically after the X days.

Restore & Download lock backup TTL

Add Notes to Account Backup

Double click to add a note for the backup.