General Settings

Debug Active

PHP error will be shown alongside other informative data.

Error Reporting

This will silently send error reports (email) to JetApps support team. By setting this to "YES", you are helping us to find bugs and improve the product

Generate root Master Private Key

This generation button will only generate a new key if the key does not exist.

Workspace Directory

The default is /usr/local/jetapps/usr/jetbackup/workspace. The workspace directory that the system will use to store all the temporary files.
To prevent issues with the system performance, move the original folder to the new destination instead of creating a new directory.

Download Directory

The default is /usr/local/jetapps/usr/jetbackup/downloads. The downloads directory that the system will use to store all the destination directory/files download (downloads that are not related to any account).
To prevent issues with the system performance, create a new directory in the new destination, and DO NOT move the original folder

Kill zombie process id's

The default is 7 Days, Kill zombie process id's [ To disable insert 0 ]

Delete orphan backups older than

The default is older than 14 Day, orphan backups are account backup files that are not associated with any active account.
JetBackup will auto remove these backups if they are older than the amount of days specified by this field. [ To disable insert 0 ]

Days to keep logs history

The default is 30 Day, The time to keep logs. [ To disable insert 0 ]

Manually Backups Retain

Specify how many copies of backups generated from manually executing a backup job JetBackup will keep. [ default: 14 backups ]

Manually Backups TTL

Set the number of days JetBackup will keep manually generated backups. [ default: 7 days ]

API Notification System

For more information please follow API Notification System.