Restore Settings

Restore Conditions

Restore Conditions alert for restore files.

To create new restore condition, click on 'Manage Restore Conditions' and click 'Create New Restore Condition' on the next page.

Restore Condition Page

Choose type of restore and add title and contents.
hit 'save' button.

Create Restore Condition

File Permissions

File permission rule for restore files.

To create new File Permissions, click on 'Manage File Permissions' and click 'Create New File Permission' on the next page.

File Permissions Page

Specify the permission regular expression, restored file ownership and group, restored file permissions.
hit 'save' button.

Create File Permissions

Files restore public directories ownership and permissions

Choose the restored sub/addon domains public directories ownership and permissions. Default is Ownership Group Nobody and Permissions - 750

Limit restore per account

You can limit accounts restoration and prevent restore abuse [ To disable insert 0 in either one of the fields ] Limit restore 0 times in 0 Hours.

Destination for Safety

Safety backups are backups that created when you restore your account (in case something went wrong). Choose the destination you want to use for safety backups.

Safety Backups Retain

How many Safety Backups to keep, the default is 7 Backups.

Safety Backups TTL

Days to keep Safety Backups. [ if you don't want to delete safety backups, insert 0 ]

Auto rollback when failed to restore accounts

Disabled/Only cPanel/Only WHM/Both cPanel and WHM
Set if you want to automatically rollback when failed to restore the account from latest safety backup for restore processes triggered from cPanel/WHM or both. Please note that this feature will only work if the safety backup feature is enabled and only for full account restore.